Connect with other Caregivers

Circle of HOPE (General Family Caregivers)

Circle of HOPE is an online, peer support network for family caregivers. Our support group is peer-to-peer driven, designed to gain camaraderie with others who know exactly what a caregiver role means. We believe that when you can share and learn from each other's experiences, in a compassionate and responsible way, we create a safe and extremely valuable resource to one another in this community. **Please note, any medical suggestions or information shared should always be an ongoing conversation between you, your loved one and trusted medical professionals.


A primary caregiver’s emotional health has a direct impact on the well-being of the patient you care for. Many caregivers internalize the stress of balancing life and family after diagnosis, leaving the entire household feeling exhausted and broken. Caregivers need to have an outlet to express themselves with others who truly understand. In addition, having tools and working on your own personal development while on the journey, proves benefits for the long run. 


Circle of HOPE provides:

· Emphasis on self-care

· Reduce the feeling of isolation

· Belong to a community

· Productive and meaningful conversations

· Confidence and reassurance

· Support and encouragement is available anywhere at anytime

· Helping others brings purpose to the pain and promote healing

HOPE University (College Students & Millennial Caregivers)

 HOPE U, a place where college student and millennial caregivers can connect with each others and not go through the process of being a caregiver alone. Balancing classes, extra curricular activities, a job, the desire for a  personal life is a lot. Join a society where you can be open, honest and unashamed about how this journey really makes you feel. 


Program benefits:

· Instant access to private group chat

· Monthly virtual 

· Access to caregiver mentors (1:1 opportunities available) 

eGuides and Worksheets

Sometimes, all we need is some guidance. A road map. 

Here are some free resources to help you though your caregiver journey. 

How To Handle Caregiver Burnout [e-Guide]