About Us

Our Mission

To provide peer support, healthcare resources and social self-care events  for family caregivers. 

Our Vision

Season of HOPE focuses on supporting caregivers through the journey of caring for an ill or elderly loved one. In the future, Season of HOPE will open The HOPE Center; a respite facility providing needed release through fitness, sports and inspirational workshops.  In addition, Season of HOPE host an annual fundraising event that will offer scholarships to deserving high school seniors that have been faced with the loss of a parent to sickness or tragedy.  

Meet The Founder


Kenisha Brown-Alexander is the daughter of the Late Kenneth and Anita Brown. Kenisha found herself emerged in the role of caregiver at the age of 18, when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was just a freshman in college, she traveled the 65 miles back and forth from school to her hometown of Louisville, KY to be at appointments and to care for her mother. Naturally, this took a toll on Kenisha while she balanced college life, finances, and the well-being of her mother.    

Kenisha’s father, Kenneth, passed away on March 20, 1999 when she was 12 years old from a brain aneurysm and after four years battling cancer, Kenisha’s mother, Anita, passed away July 13, 2007. 

Season of HOPE was created from Kenisha’s own fight to remain mentally strong while juggling her mom’s illness, school and work. It was then that she realized that there weren’t any organizations that catered to the caregivers of patients.   

Signature Event: Caregiver Day Out Brunch

Our Caregiver Day Out Brunch is an atmosphere for you to spend a day to relax, eat well, rejuvenate and enjoy good company in a confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive environment. Take a day just for YOU, so you can be at your best for your loved ones! 

Cities: Miami, FL; Louisville, KY; Atlanta, GA